Frequently Asked Questions

What are current lead times like?

Lead times vary. Depending upon the brand you select it could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 14 weeks. This is the difference between choosing a stock cabinet line and custom cabinet line.

How long does a kitchen remodel project take?

If you are doing a full gut renovation of your kitchen, you should expect the project to take a minimum of 5 weeks and max of 10 weeks. The detail of the construction scope of work can cause this to vary, but this time frame is very typical from start to finish.

What should I use to clean my cabinets?

Always follow the manufacturers use of care for each brand purchased. Different brands use different applications for finishes. What may be acceptable to clean one brand of cabinets may not be to clean another. Most importantly, always do a test area with any cleaning product in a inconspicuous place inside a cabinet prior to cleaning the outside of the door face.